Tourist Attractions

Where can you dip your thoughts in so much tranquility, experience a rich cultural heritage and take a scenic ride through undulating landscapes of unsurpassed beauty, all in one day!

Lesotho tourism resources are numerous and multi – faceted, with an unusual combination of landscapes and experiences setting it apart from other African destinations. Spectacular scenic beauty characterized by breathtaking mountain ranges, soaring peaks, crystal clear streams, surging waterfalls and a rich variety of endemic plant and animal species make this ‘Kingdom in the Sky’ one of the most unspoiled natural environments on the continent. The country also offers a true African wilderness experience with wide – open vistas and a rugged and untamed landscape that is ideal for travelers in search of adventure and a destination which offers something out of the ordinary. The fact that many Lesotho’s attractions are still largely undiscovered and unspoilt gives them an appeal rarely found in more commercialized destinations. The renowned warmth and hospitality of the Basotho people, as well as their rich heritage and cultural identity, is another draw-card for tourism. Furthermore, Lesotho’s political stability ensures personal safety, freedom of travel and peace of mind for visitors. There are a variety of sites of geological, historical and archeological importance, including rock art in the highlands and dinosaur footprints embedded in the sandstone in the lowlands. While wildlife is scarce, the varieties found here are specialized to their environment and rare, endemic species may be seen. Rhebok and mountain reedbuck may be spotted, as well as baboons, jackals and smaller animals such as rock hyraxes, mongoose and meerkats. Reptiles include the small yet very rare berg adder. Vultures and eagles are also common to sight soaring on thermals, with less usual species comprising the sentinel rock-thrush, orange-breasted rockjumper and the endemic bald ibis.