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The Leader of Democratic Congress (DC) party, Dr Pakalitha Mosisili's willingness to hand over to the new Prime Minister peacefully marks history in the political field locally and in the African continent.

The 67 year-old out-going Prime Minister who was awarded Honorary Doctorate of Leadership for being a visionary, patriotic and charismatic leader by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia last year, was commended by various sectors of the society following his speech on Wednesday.

Speaking with LENA, a local political veteran and member of Basotho Congress Party (BCP), Mr. Ntsukunyane Mphanya said Dr Mosisili's willingness and preparedness to give up his position as Lesotho's Prime Minister and Minister for the past 15 years did not only set good example locally, regionally and internationally but marked history and will remain a legacy for many years to come.

He mentioned that even though the out-going Prime Minister along with his team performed badly in fighting poverty and hunger but Dr. Mosisili has done positive things that include ensuring access to education, electricity, roads and many others.

''I do honour Dr. Mosisili's speech and it is important that we all pray for him as he has shown Basotho that not only does he respects the law but he is also committed in maintaining peace and stability in the country,'' he added.

Mr. Mphanya further said Dr Mosisili should also be applauded for not considering minority government as an option in this case as this was likely to cause commotion amongst politicians and the entire nation.

Sharing same views earlier on the national television this morning, Mr. Lira Theko of Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) appealed to Basotho to respect the decision by Dr Mosisili to quit without violence and chaos.

''Despite everything that has been happening amongst Basotho, all should commend and take note of this bold decision which shows that democracy is now working for Basotho,'' he added.

He therefore urged Basotho to learn and ensure that they maintain peace in everything they do.

Meanwhile, during phone-in programmes on various radio stations this morning, some people also applauded the Leader for coming out and telling the world that he along with his followers are ready to become a loyal opposition for growth and development of the country.

He has stayed in power through elections consistently endorsed by observers, even though Lesotho's political disputes sometimes erupt in violence.

He led his party, the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), to a near-total victory in the 1998 election, and under his leadership the party also won majority in the 2002 and 2007 elections. In addition to serving as the Prime Minister, he also served as the Minister of Defence.

He survived a 2009 military-style assault on his official residence that left four people dead. Eight people are standing trial, and the precise motives remain unclear.

Major split within the party was led by Advocate Kelebone Maope, and the late Shakhane Mokhehle forming Lesotho People's Congress (LPC) in 2001.

However, in 2006, Mr. Thomas Thabane also left the LCD and formed All Basotho Convention (ABC).

In February this year, Dr Mosisili left LCD to form Democratic Congress (DC).

It was during the May 26 general polls whereby DC came out with 48 seats in the National Assembly, followed by All Basotho Convention (ABC) with 30, Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) 26, Basotho National Party (BNP) five, Popular Front for Democracy (PFD) three, National Independent Party (NIP) has three while others have one each.

All eyes are now on inauguration of the new Prime Minister, an auspicious event which is expected to take place 8th, June, 2012.

Source: LENA 07/06/2012